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Remember this is a game! We are here because we like to play together and without each other there would be no event. Everyone is here to have fun and we achieve that by everyone carefully following the rules and contributing to a good social environment. Welcome :)

This is prohibited from the time you arrive until the time you leave. If we receive a report about intoxicated people in the tent area or the game area, they will be banned from the game.


It is 18 years old. You may be asked for valid identification upon attendance.

ONLY BIO BULLETS FOR ALL GUN TYPES. (Maximum weight 0.43g)

If we discover someone using plastic BBs, they risk being expelled from the game. When you load the magazines, load over a bag or similar so the BBs don't fall on the ground.


It is not allowed to carry a magazine in the weapon when you are in a safe zone. Nor test shooting. You can test shoot at the chrono or the shooting range.


Hikers or berry pickers in the area may occur. If you see someone, you must loudly shout "hiker, game break" and report on the radio channel with location/coordinates on PMR 8 (Game management) . A game master will come as soon as possible and talk to them. Feel free to approach them, put down your weapons, and explain that they have ended up in a role-playing game.


There are toilets in the clubhouse at the tent area. In addition, there is a toilet available at the game area. 


Glasses must be used during the entire game. Exceptions are in safe zones, and telt area.


This must be orange and at least 30x30cm or a buff


All players must wear two , one on each upper arm. They must be 7 cm or wider. Two patches of at least 8x8 cm are permitted. (Full Ghillie may have bands around the ankles)


Smoke, drones,  all forms of grenades and fireworks. 


These are trusted players who can intervene in the event of rule violations or other incidents. They will put on a yellow vest and have the same authority as a Gamemaster. The Gamemaster is called when necessary.


If you don't follow the rules, especially hits, Joules and safety distance, you risk taking a longer break in your own base. If the offense is so serious that opponents can be injured, for example too high a Joule, it may result in expulsion from the game.


Joule is a unit of measurement for energy. Simplified how hard a weapon fires. This is measured with a chrono and carried out by the organizer before the game.  Click here for the table


Personally, you can bring around 1400 BBs into the field. These are distributed among magazines in the main weapon and any sidearms. The maximum number of BBs in a magazine is 120. You can refill magazines if necessary from the remaining BBs quota you have with you. For heavy and light MG, the quota is about 7500 BBs.

Click here for example

Highcaps/Flash Mag are not allowed. If you use a midcap with a higher capacity than 120, load a maximum of 120 shots per magazine.

If you use a binary trigger,  it is a maximum of 1.2 Joules. All HPA variants must have tournament lock. 

You can have a maximum of 4 40mm "shower shells" grenades. You can have these outside of the ammo quota.

You are allowed to borrow magazines or BBs from fellow players if you run out. Players can have unlimited ammo in the base for refilling.

Weapons should reflect the role they are used as. For example, an MP 5 or M4 with a drum magazine cannot be used as an MG

When you are hit, shout "Hit" or "Hit" loud and clear! If you are standing, get down on your knees with one hand in the air. Put on the Deathrag (orange piece of cloth) to show other players you've been hit. Sit or lie down. Do not stand upright. You cannot not talk to fellow players. Only shout for a Medic. Hits in weapons are not considered hits.


This is not allowed.


Only the Medic can heal other players. You can be healed 2 times by a medic, then have to go to spawn. Lying time is at least 2 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes. You can be helped slowly in cover by a fellow player. You must have 2 bandages yourself for the medic to heal you. These must be at least 1 meter long and 4 cm wide. (CAT is ok). Medic can be healed 2 times, but it is required that there are 2 players who do it. Healing takes at least 1 minute.

You spawn every  whole 10 minutes. Dead men don't talk . This means that as long as you are wounded or on your way to spawn, you cannot give information to fellow players.

Each side has a main spawn at game start. In addition, a portable spawn that is set up/torn down by an engineer. Fellow players can help. Setting up such a spawn is ordered by your commander. Spawn cannot be attacked and it is not allowed to camp a spawn. Spawn camping means you are too close to the spawn. The distance to the spawn must not be less than shooting range, i.e. 70-100 metres. It is not allowed to shoot into or out  of a spawn.

Commanders have a spawn time of 30 minutes.

If someone succeeds in taking the enemy's HQ, the base should be quickly searched for intel, then abandoned. You can't take anything with you from the base unless it's an object you have to find during a mission. Therefore, take pictures and make notes. Personal equipment such as bags must not be touched. Or something labeled OFF GAME. The base has a QR code that can be scanned for points.



When you shoot, you have to see where your bullets end up. A good rule of thumb is to have the rifle butt in your shoulder.


One per 5 players. Only a medic can heal. All players, in order to be healed, must have 2 white bandages that are 1 meter long and wider than 4 cm. Medic can bring extra bandages.  

One per 10 players. Only an engineer can build/blow up items, heal cars and repair objects. MUST have a knife/multitool/watch


The driver is responsible for safety at all times and must follow the Road Traffic Act and OP Borderline's rules. Players must at all times follow his instructions. It is allowed to shoot in/out of a car.  Before a car can drive through a minefield, it must be cleared. Players are not allowed to enter a car unless they have received permission from the driver.  Click here to read the vehicle rules . 

How to eliminate a vehicle: Click here




Organizer or approved car transports may transport players behind enemy lines. The drop must not take place closer to the enemy's positions/skirmishes than 100m.


This rule does not apply.


Not allowed. If a person has been shot and has deathrag on, you can be asked about in-game things such as maps, QR codes, objects, etc. The wounded person must then show this. Only in-game items can be seized. Personal phones are offgame!


It is not allowed to eavesdrop or sabotage the opponent's communication channels.





OP Borderline is a Milsimish airsoft game. Take this into account when it comes to missions, paths, messages and messages from Gamemasters or your own management. There is continuous information to the bases, such as new missions to be passed on to you players, and things can take time.

It is entirely possible to be sent out on a mission to find an object on the other side of the area and then the enemy has found it before you.  Don't expect action all the time either . This is part of the charm of a large game.


This is not allowed and may result in expulsion from the game. Briefly explained: To stop following orders, to act on one's own, usually against expectations or instructions. To follow one's own interests. Stop following the rules of the game. This is assessed by the Commander, who notifies the Gamemaster.

*All text on the page is copy right Viken Airsoftspill. Photos and videos posted on the Viken Airsoft game facebook group may be used for marketing the game. All photos will be anonymised so that your anonymity is ensured.

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